IT IS set to be another scorching day in the county.

And now two schools have told students to ditch the uniform in order to “ease the discomfort of the extreme heat”.

Two other schools in Winchester, Kings School and Perins School have also eased their school uniform rules, and said pupils do not have to wear blazers or ties.

Crestwood College, Eastleigh, has told students to wear comfortable clothes today, Wednesday June 21 and Thursday June 22 as the mercury gets set to hit 30°C+.

The college has issued rules including: • No flipflops or high heels. Sandals and canvas shoes/trainers are acceptable but all shoes must be fastened to the feet to avoid accidents.

• T-shirts or vest tops are fine, but no thin strappy tops, boobtubes or anything that would be considered beachwear or too revealing for school. No midriff baring tops please.

• Shorts and Summer skirts are acceptable but must be of a decent length. No hotpant type shorts and skirt lengths should fall within the usual school rules.

• Summer dresses are acceptable, but again should not be too flesh baring.

• Jewellery rules remain as usual and no piercings please.

• Don’t forget to bring water bottles, apply suncream before coming to school and bring a hat for breaktimes if needed.

Krista Dawkins , headteacher said: “If any student arrives at school unsuitably dressed, parents will be called and they will be sent home to change.

“We will inform parents on Thursday what will happen on Friday.”

Another school to respond to the weather is Bitterne Park School.

A message on their website said: “Until further notice, due to the hot weather, boys will be allowed to wear black PE shorts with their polo shirt. They must wear school shoes, not trainers.

“For all pupils, if they choose to wear a shirt, they do not have to wear a tie.”

A spokeswoman for Perins School said: "What we said to our pupils, they do not have to wear their ties or blazers yesterday and today and we are addressing it and seeing whether we can put anything else in force to see if they can wear their P.E kit.

"There is lots of water around and we are moving children out of certain class rooms to colder ones if need be."

The Chronicle has contacted other schools in Winchester, but had not had any reply yet.