IT was a case for Mulder and Scully at a Winchester school.

A UFO had appeared to have crashed into the playground of Westgate Lower School.

However, concerned parents need not worry as the UFO was part of a school activity, and not part of an alien invasion of Winchester.

The craft but was part of an event designed to promote creative writing as part of a story telling week and All Through School ‘Deep Learning Day’ The flying saucer was actually built by a team of creative parents, and arranged in the playground by staff.

Both children and parents were excited by the scene of the crash and the rest of the school week revolved around discussions as to what could have happened. All of our Lower School children from Year R to Year 2 had the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas through drama, discussions, art work, science experiments and to then write creatively about what might have happened and who might have been driving the space craft.

Pieces of writing were produced by both girls and boys resulting in a successful week of creative writing and story-telling.

The space craft is now on display in the school creating a buzz of excitement as children walk past.