HAMPSHIRE Record Office was the venue for this year’s sell-out lecture presented by Winchester Excavations Committee.

The event attracted top speakers in their field: Professor Martin Biddle (Director of the Winchester Research Unit), pictured left and Prof Barbara Yorke (Emeritus Professor in Early Medieval History at Winchester University), right, with the mayor Jane Rutter.

Great meetings in Anglo-Saxon Winchester were attended by kings and earls, archbishop and bishops to deal with weighty matters of church and state. Where did they lodge?

Prof Biddle asked this question when summing up the Winchester Royal City conference last month.

To explore the problem, WEC devoted its annual lecture this year to Winchester’s Lost Palaces and Prof Barbara Yorke spoke on Royal gatherings in the city in the South from Anglo-Saxon to Norman times.

Meanwhile, the next volume in the Winchester Studies series is due out next month.

People of Early Winchester will look at what archaeological excavations have told us about the lives of ordinary people.

Prof Biddle led several of the digs starting in the 1960s.

There will be a book launch on February 15 in the Guildhall.