THE Royal Hampshire Regiment museum in Winchester is under threat of closure, according to reports today in a national newspaper.

The museum at Serle's House on Southgate Street is among more than a dozen that are set to have their funding cut by the Ministry of Defence.

The Royal Hampshires, which can date it history back to the 17th century, was amalgamated with the Queen's Regiment in 1992 to former the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment.

Military figures said the cuts risked robbing parts of the country of links to their historic local regiments.

The MoD has a policy of only funding one museum linked to current British regiments. It is cutting funding from 67 museums to 36.

An MoD spokeswoman told the Daily Telegraph: “We recognise the important contribution made by these museums in preserving military heritage and acting as the bridge between communities and the Army.

“This is why, irrespective of funding, they will continue to receive support and have close ties with their associated regiment.”