POLICE are dealing with a spate of car crime across Winchester.

Thefts from motor vehicles occurred in the areas of Greenhill Road in Fulflood, Clifton Terrace in Oram's Arbour, Durngate Terrace, Portal Road in Highcliffe, Andover Road, and Battery Hill, and Valley Court in Stanmore.

In total there were eight incidents between Monday September 11 and Friday September 22, said PCSO Gavin Cooper.

There are certain measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim yourself, such as:

• When you leave your vehicle make sure the doors of your vehicle are locked and the windows and sunroof are shut, no matter how hot the weather is.

• Upon locking your vehicle try your car door to ensure it is actually locked.

• If possible, park your vehicle in a busy area or in an attended car park.

• Look for public car parks approved by the Park Mark scheme.

• When parking at home, use your garage. If you don't have a garage, park in a well-lit area.

• Do not leave anything in your vehicle, including the boot. A jacket or coat left behind may be of very little value to you, but a thief may think it has been used to hide a laptop or handbag and will break into your vehicle to find out.

• If you have a removable music system, take it with you.

• Make sure you do not leave documents which have your name on in your vehicle.

• Do not leave your sat-nav in your vehicle and don’t forget to remove the cradle and wipe the suction marks from your windscreen.

• Record the details of your property on the Immobilise website, www.immobilise.com

• Fit an alarm or immobiliser to your car.