A SUCCESSFUL Basingstoke business executive who lost his job due to Covid and spent the last few months stacking shelves in Tesco has landed a corporate role in a family-owned audiovisual and production company.

David Kemshall, 35, a former shelf stacker at Tesco, announced that he will be a project and production associate for Corporate Events, Inc.

The father-of-one has spent the lockdown period stacking shelves at Chineham Tesco.

Sharing his news on LinkedIn, David wrote: "So after nearly four months of stacking shelves at Tesco’s, I am pleased to announce my new role as Project & Production Associate for Corporate Events, Inc.

"My main focus will be on Virtual events in a team with years of expertise delivering a virtual event like no one else."

The Gazette previously reported that David's employment post went viral on LinkedIn, with dozens of people leaving comments praising him for his spirit.

In March this year, he wrote on the networking platform: "Lost my job yesterday to the coronavirus outbreak after recovering from losing my job to Brexit.

"Been straight into supermarkets that need help putting food on their shelves to ask for a job.

"No job is too big or small when you have a family to support."

And now four months down the line the 35-year-old is celebrating securing a new job.

Support has poured in from LinkedIn members, congratulating David, with 67 people commenting on the post.

One said: "That’s great news David, delighted for you and the family. Good luck in your new role. Onward and upward!"

Another commented: "Congrats David - wishing you every success in your new job."