A self-employed businesswoman is urging the Government to “stop leaving the self-employed behind” after a three-month grant will end on Monday.

A franchisee of we love pets, Amy Pearson, 35, from Skippetts Lane, has been forced to furlough her team of ten after work has dried up during the coronavirus crisis.

The 35-year-old manages a team who look after people’s dogs when they are on holiday or at work.

She told the Gazette: “There has been three months of no work as everyone has had to stay at home.

“After Monday, nothing will be coming through anymore. I must keep paying business bills and staff wages.

“No-one is looking after us. I cannot top up on money that I don’t have. I am not sure what I will do in August.

“I cannot pay myself so not sure how I can pay anyone. We are being ignored and are at a cliff edge with our income. It is difficult and has been infuriating.

“The cut off for self-employed is June and the Government has not announced any further help.”

The 35-year-old said that small businesses will shut because they cannot take out massive loans when they do not know when money will come through.

The Government introduced a grant to help self-employed workers in March, but it will run out at the end of May.

The grant pays 80 per cent of an employee’s earnings based on the last three years of their income.

“I will be relying on savings and when it drops, I will have to subsidise their pay.

“It will come out of my savings and they could lose their jobs.

“People do not want we love pets’ services when they are at home and can do it themselves.

“If everyone is at home, we have nothing to do. We only have a few clients who are key workers.

“The future is very uncertain at the moment. I want the Government to stop leaving the self-employed behind.

“We pay into the system and deserve the help. We do not get sick pay and we work just as hard. We are employers and it is just as difficult.

“It is just as tough for small business and no one is talking about it,” she added.