SOUTHAMPTON is set to get its own TEDx conference dedicated to “ideas worth spreading”.

TEDx conferences are independently-run versions of the TED (technology, entertainment and design) events which have inspired audiences around the world.

Human to human connection is to be the theme of the event, which has been booked for the city centre on Wednesday, November 11. Auditions for speakers will be held this summer.

Lee Peck, licence holder and co-curator of the event, said: “There is a huge appetite for TEDxSouthampton. The local business community as well as individuals are keen to collaborate, drive this event forward and give the city another reason to stand out.

“More than anything we’re thrilled to be staging this unique event to create some positivity and hope during this current difficult period for the UK. We thoroughly recommend people to get involved and look forward to reviewing speakers’ applications with interest. Auditions will be held at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, on Thursday, July 9.

“Southampton is a great city and deserves to be showcased and the talent put onto an international stage. TEDx is an incredible platform and I feel this would give people an opportunity to make their mark, give back and foster a really positive outcome for themselves, the attendees and the wider audience.”

Co-curator Annelies James said: “The theme of the event will be centred around human to human connection in all its forms and include a focus on innovation, connectedness and untapping personal potential. This is an area Lee and I are incredibly passionate about and feel would welcome a diverse range of speakers, as well as offer huge insight and inspiration to the attendees.

“We are committed to putting on a great TEDx that truly reflects the talent of this city and the region. The TEDx guidelines are very clear that speakers must offer a central idea and not present a lecture or just facts. This might seem obvious but actually it can be quite subtle. Likewise, the talk cannot focus on a personal story but must have broad appeal.

“Your speech must present a solution or inspiration, rather than a problem and above all it must be short and focused and last no more than 18 minutes. It’s important that each speaker is thoroughly rehearsed and has memorised their talk.”

Those wishing to take part should contact Annelies James on

An application form for would-be speakers is at

Winchester was on course to host its own TEDx event in March, but it was postponed because of the coronavirus crisis.