HAMPSHIRE is to host one of the TEDx conferences whose talks have inspired people around the world.

The original TED events – standing for technology, entertainment and design – feature talks designed to contain “ideas worth spreading” and have been seen by millions around the world.

Their success led to the birth of TEDx conferences, which are independently organised and licensed to use the organisation’s branding and format.

TEDx Winchester is being organised by Jan Carlyle, an events organiser based in the city, and will take place at the University of Winchester in March.

TEDx events must follow the TED format, consisting of 18-minute speeches without a commercial, religious or political agenda. The organisers have to live in the city where the conferences take place and to have been to at least one of the main TED conference.

Ms Carlyle said: “Winchester really is on the edge of the creative and digital and tech industries, so it’s well positioned in terms of the creative and entrepreneurial people who have the city as their home.”

The speakers announced so, all with a Winchester connection, are:

• Amanda McKenna, founder of the UK largest’s independent digital agency;

• Eddie Owusu, former Team GB basketball head coach;

• Hannah Foster, a young leader of Winchester Youth Climate Change Action; and

• Chris Pott, a body percussionist.

The theme is A Moment of Change – based on the idea that an idea worth sharing often involves a new approach, a new opportunity or a new line of thought.

Videos from TEDx events are shared with the organisation’s YouTube channel and some have attracted huge audiences after being recommended to TED followers.

Research professor Brene Brown’s talk The Power of Vulnerability, delivered at TEDx Houston in 2012, has been seen 41million times and recently led to a Netflix special.

Winchester-based PR consultant Miranda Rock said the city was an ideal place for TEDx. “I’ve lived here most of my life and I think it’s such an exciting thing to come from Winchester," she said.

"There are so many creative agencies and lots of start-ups. It’s a terrific opportunity to bring people together who wouldn’t normally be in the same room."

TEDx Winchester takes place on Wednesday, March 25, 1.30-6pm, and will be one of the first events at the university’s West Downs Quarter, home of the digital futures, computer and digital-related degree programmes.

More than 100 of the 250 tickets have already been sold. They cost £49 at tedxwinchester.com