What are the main points to remember?

n Many apprentices are younger people who may not have had a job before, so advertise your sales pitch this way.

n Apprentices will not necessarily have any experience doing what you are looking for them to do, but this is the point of an apprenticeship with a training package to back it. Do not scare them away with massive job detail.

n Parents play a big part in where their child applies to, so make sure your advert sells to them as well. Parents will always be looking for a company that looks after their child and one that will give them long- term career prospects and a great career pathway.

n Ensure you add some personality into your advertisement to entice someone to work for you. Would you apply for this job?

n Ask yourself, would I like my son or daughter to work here, will you and your teams take good care of your apprentice and invest in their future?

What do I put in my advert?

n Choose a title that clearly states what the role is without making it too scary – eg. apprentice electrical engineer, apprentice business administrator etc n The first part of your advertisement should be a passion bubble about your company, how amazing it is, how great the team are and where your apprentice will fit in. Your company sells a career to an apprentice, so make it sound as great as it really is for a long-term option for someone. Make sure you try and show a bit or personality within this part also.

n Make sure you add that the apprentice will be fully supported by the team within the company and also by the team within the training provider that you are using for the qualification.

n Clearly state a salary (hourly or yearly), but maybe add an increase at certain parts of the qualification to show the apprentice that you are truly wanting to invest in them and their long-term future with your company.

n When stating what the role will involve, please remember that you cannot make this too complicated as they may not understand all the jargon you would normally use, but also do not make it sound mundane and boring. Make it a short, bullet-pointed part at the bottom of the advertisement so they are clear of the basics of what they will be doing.

Good luck in your search.

If you would like help and advice on this or which training providers to use, please feel to contact us on sally@questality.co.uk.