A new "haven for geeks" has celebrated its grand opening at The Brooks Shopping Centre, Winchester

CGC Emporium sells three things - comics, games and coffee. Located on upper level shopping,the store opened for a soft launch on November 11, before a grand opening on November 16, when the coffee machine arrived.

The store is the second of its kind to open in the U.K, with the first opening in Chichester back in 2015.

To celebrate the opening the store gave out over 2000 free comics to happy shoppers, hungry for comics, coffee, board games and trading cards.

The store not only sells games, but also has its own in store board game library and seating area, allowing customers to try before they buy, as well as meet with friends to play some games, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Co Owner, Owen Lambert said that he, along with co owner Tom had decided to start the original shop in Chichester a few years ago after they realised that there were no place for boardgames and comic fans to meet or play in Chichester. When time came to open the next shop, with Winchester being a very similar demographically to Chichester it seemed like the next logical step, and along with Aaron Tavaler, Co owner of the Winchester shop, the three set out to bring their unique blend of caffine, cards and comics to the area.

He said: "we have been thrilled by the welcome we have received and the enthusiastic response we have had so far, and are looking forward to introducing the people of Winchester to the wide selection of games and comics we have on offer."

Lisa Evans, The Brooks Shopping Centre’s Office Manager, commented: “The arrival of CGC Emporium further strengthens the current offer at the centre.”