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A MEON Valley primary school held a 'Time To Shine Day' to help raise awareness of and money for road safety.

St John The Baptist School in Waltham Chase believe they may be the first to hold with the police such a day combining the public message, fundraising and aerobics.

With the help of the local police, pupil patrols asked parents to park sensibly near the gates whilst other took part in aerobic sessions.

Pupils were invited into school in their brightest clothes to raise awareness of the need to be seen by drivers.

The Mayor of Winchester, Cllr David McLean, attended in his brightest regalia to judge the outfits.

The school also received a cheque from Conrad Collins, managing director of Lockhams Construction, towards the purchase of road cones and road safety equipment for the school.

St John is already already planning its next day of action for November to coincide with Road Safety week.

The scheme is called Police Apprentice, a youth-centred problem-solving initiative where young people themselves create, design and suggest ways to solve local issues such as in this case, school parking.

Two pupils have been trained as Junior Road Safety Officers to help get across important messages.

Police officers supported the patrols on the day with cones placed on the zig-zags and double yellows to clearly highlight areas where parking is not allowed.