ALRESFORD Town Trust has undertaken its quadrennial survey of the trees in The Avenue and Broad Street.

Two poplar trees on the south side opposite the entrance to Arlebury Park House on The Avenue will have to be felled, and one of the limes near the recreation centre.

Apart from that a few branches need to be taken off and much deadwood removed.

The trust is currently appointing professionals to undertake the work, starting in November, and applying for permission as the trees have preservation orders.

It took responsibility for the 4.5 acres that was gifted to the town in 1890, and since then has used the income from the markets and fairs to upkeep the land and trees for the enjoyment and beauty of the town.

The work along with the other aspects of regular maintenance in The Avenue is expected to cost £25,000 over the next two years.

Anyone who would like to know more or to get involved in helping can contact Keith Divall at