The Watercress Line transported steams fans back in time to the 1940’s with a special war time themed event.

Visitors to Hampshire’s number one steam heritage line were able to go back in time to World War Two when the steam railway held ‘War on the Line’.

Each year the Watercress Line holds this 1940s themed event with both visitors and the 200 re-enactors dressing the part.

Each of the different stations along the line had a different theme. Alresford had an American troops theme with a doughnut waggon and people dressed as US 1940’s troops. This was because Alresford had an American base in the run up to the D-Day landings and it was where the US 47TH Infantry Regiment were based. Ropley station focussed on British troops and there was a bomb disposal team re-enactment as well as a selection of 1930’s and 540’s vintage vehicles. Medstead station had Home Guard re-enactors and there was a steam traction engine with a stone breaking machine, of the type which was used to deal with bomb damaged roads. Finally, Alton station had a display on women in wartime with entertainment from Becki Short, a professional 1940’s retro style singer.

Sheila Love, the event organiser said: “Our event gives people the chance to savour the atmosphere of a railway in wartime.”

She added: “It was such a success and brilliant to see so many visitors enjoying our 1940’s themed weekend. We hope we made the wartime spirit come alive. Visitor numbers are up this year for which we are grateful.”