A HAMPSHIRE grandmother who went missing for five months killed herself, an inquest heard.

Christine Watson, 70, was found in Bracken Wood, North Baddesley, on Christmas Day last year, after going missing from her home the previous August.

A post-mortem revealed she died from an overdose of prescription pills she took for a variety of problems, including back pain and depression.

Mrs Watson had been dealing with depression after losing her husband and mother to illness, and also had trouble with her memory.

She had held down two jobs as a dispensary worker and then a teacher to support her three children after the death of her husband in 1970. She was also a keen dog-walker and was very familiar with the local wood.

Her son, Stuart, who lived with his mother at their home in Tanners Road, North Baddesley, said he became worried when she left the house on August 4 without the dog or her handbag.

“I noticed that her handbag was in the sunroom and her wellingtons were still here and so was the dog. I knew something wasn’t right.”

Mr Watson, 45, said he heard his mother leaving in a hurry and he now thought she wanted to leave, so he couldn’t calm her down.

He added: “I heard some muttering and I thought she was late for the bus. Looking back now, I think she was thinking: ‘Stuart’s up, I have to get out of the house.’”

Mr Watson also said he had no doubt his mother had decided to take her own life, as the only thing she took with her was her medication.

Presiding, deputy coroner for Central Hampshire, Simon Burge, said: “Christine decided that life was not worth living. I am in no doubt that she intended to take her own life.” He recorded a verdict of suicide.