A TEAM of archaeologists has returned to Winchester to search for ancient secrets beneath the city.

Wessex Archaeology have begun more work in the old Winchester Fire Station in North Walls after a successful dig in January, when a team found the ruins and foundations of a medieval building, believed to be a friary.

They are now hoping to take full advantage of the fire service’s move to Easton Lane, Winnall, to discover more historical secrets beneath the tarmac before the land is redeveloped into residential homes.

Project manager Paul McCulloch said: “Scattered remains of the Friary have come to light in the vicinity over the years, including tombs and decorated floor tiles. We have an opportunity to record something of the layout of the Friary before the old Fire Station is developed.”

So far, the investigation has revealed the foundations of one of the Friary buildings, along with a wall that probably enclosed the Friary precinct at one stage. The team are also looking out for finds dating back to Roman and Saxon times.

The investigation is expected to last another week.