A HUGE six-sided “crop circle” near Danebury Iron Age Fort has become a tourist attraction.

Visitors from around the world have been among the people who have been trampling across Nigel Pond’s wheat field to get a better view of the 80m by 60m design which has 20-plus circles within it.

Nigel, who farms at Dene Farm, Nether Wallop, said it was first spotted on Tuesday last week.

“We’ve had Dutch, Germans, Swiss and Australians here, people of all nationalities really. Lots are saying they couldn’t have been made by humans,” said Nigel, who farms 820 acres in the area.

Jokingly, he added: “I’ve had a look at it from the air. I think ET must have come down with all his little mates and done this.” On a more serious note, he said: “Where people are walking through the wheat, the crop is getting increasingly trampled. At first people kept to the tramlines, the tractor wheel marks where the crop has been sprayed, but now they are walking all over it.

“We had a small crop circle in 1993, but it was nothing as spectacular as this one.”

Nigel said he probably wouldn’t bother harvesting the wheat where the giant crop circle was, just north of Danebury Ring.

He concluded that a lot of people had an open mind about how the crop circles appeared in his field.