SIR — I have heard, from a reliable source, that the Horse And Rider bronze statue by the Law Courts has been removed for essential repairs; but what about me?

I have been perched over the premises on the corner of the High Street and Southgate Street for many years now, the last few with a broken neck!

My creator, Edwin Laverty, would turn in his grave if he could see me now.

I understand that my keepers are Winchester City Council who own the buildings.

Is it fair, I ask readers, that they can afford to repair the town clock and Elisabeth Frink’s statue, but leave Edwin’s masterpiece untouched?

I would dearly like my neck to be repaired or replaced in time for me to greet our summer tourists.

I plead to whoever is responsible at the city council: “Get my neck back in the right position — prompto!”

The Black Swan (via Phil Yates), Winchester.