SIR — the letter from Cllr Melville Kendal in last week’s Chronicle cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

The man is living in a fantasy world if he believes that anything has been done to ease the congestion caused by the closure at St Cross and is being disingenuous to even suggest that it has.

The temporary traffic lights at the Chilbolton roundabout appear to be a figment of his imagination.

There were trials last year, but these disappeared ages ago and the newly-installed permanent lights are even today hooded with flourescent covers and not operational.

I have no doubt they will be commissioned just in time for St Cross road to be re-opened.

As for not allowing other works in Winchester while the closure is in place, well I must have imagined the recent temporary traffic lights in St James Lane, the traffic lights outside the prison entrance on RomseyRoad last weekend, the BT Open World works using ‘stop/go’ board this morning, and half the roadway being closed off near the Roebuck Inn for someone’s driveway to be constructed.

The service from Highways is appalling, and it is about time that this was recognised by the councillor.

The roadway drains and gulleys are in an awful state with some uncleaned for years, and even personal assurances from Ken Thornber that this problem will be dealt with have failed to result in action.

Highways is becoming more anti-social and anti-resident, witnessed by the cavalier way in which it gives contractors permission to use its publicly-owned open spaces (our open spaces) without regard to the mess and inconvenience caused.

An example of this can be seen on Romsey Road where a private house builder has been allowed to store materials, a portable cabin, steel storage container, and even build a temporary car park on the public green space.

Land opposite the Highcroft development has now been turned into a builders’ compound.

So Cllr Kendall, please do the decent thing and resign.

S Favell, Romsey Road, Winchester.