SIR — I write to you in astonishment that yet another greenfield site within Winchester, Pitt Manor, is being proposed for development — this time for 200 dwellings and a park & ride scheme.

As I understand the situation, the city council is legally bound by central government policy to meet pre-determined housing targets.

What many people are not aware of is that the calculations to meet these targets do not include a number of brownfield developments. Within Winchester during the recent past these have included the major developments in Chilbolton Avenue and the Highcroft development in Romsey Road.

In addition, the site of the police HQ and the proposed development of Silver Hill are not being taken into consideration either.

This has to raise the question: where will this all stop?

I am no expert on planning or development, or for that matter, politics, but what I can see is that the approach to development in the Winchester area can only be described as unreasonable.

If the city council were allowed by central government to calculate all current and future brownfield site developments, there would be no need for greenfield sites to even be considered for development.

This is the ‘thin end of the wedge’ — the Pitt Manor development has to be stopped.

I call on the people of Winchester to rally round and voice their dissatisfaction to the massive over-development that is planned for what I consider to be the most beautiful city in England.

I’m not on my own with this view — look at the multitude of Americans, Japanese and Europeans who visit each year.

Surely this over development will, in the end, massively reduce the tourism trade in Winchester?

Howard Shaw, Kilham Lane, Winchester.