SIR — I would like to congratulate Hampshire County Council for providing an excellent carshare shuttle service for those of us stranded at the southern end of St Cross Road during the current road closure.

Wessex Cars have been subcontracted to provide this service which stops at specified bus stops for pre-booked passengers at a cost of £1 each.

Just one problem — hardly anyone knows about it. There are some notices (which are not very noticeable) on some bus stops, but there appears to have been very little effort to publicise this service.

As far as I am aware there has been no communication to anyone living in Grange Road/Close and I only found out by chance from friends who live in Mead Road.

A more cynical person might conclude that the council are being half-hearted in their approach in the hope that they will be able to cancel the service due to lack of use.

I therefore hope that this letter will bring this service to the attention of more people who are affected by the road closure.

Martin Taylor, Grange Close, St Cross.