SIR — I read with great interest your recent articles about Cllr Adrian Hicks and his revelation about bumping into an extraterrestrial walking up the High Street in 2004.

Your article about this incident is most revealing, and what Cllr Hicks has said to the press should most certainly be listened to.

Why, you may ask? The answer is simple. This is not the first time this has happened here in Winchester at all.

It happened in 1976 and 1977, starting with one evening in November 1976. Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt had an amazing encounter with aliens after the car they were travelling in shuddered to a halt on the Chilcombe Road outside Winchester.

This was reported by the Daily Mail at that time, also that there were eight other sightings of glowing cigar shaped UFOs in the Winchester area that weekend.

Both Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt had other similar experiences on March 7, 1977, and again in June 1977.

All were reported in the local and national press and all were in and around the Chilcombe area near Winchester.

If any of your readers are interested, they have only to go onto the internet to read them more fully.

I think Cllr Hicks is a very brave person to come out with his amazing encounter with one of our visitors.

Clearly there is something going on in the Chilcombe military range area that has great significance for us all.

Bernadette Ludlow, Worthy Road, Winchester.