Characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice were transported to the 1920s in Lockerley Drama Group’s New Year Show.

The production saw the Bennett family gathering to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of Lizzie and Darcy and the wedding of Lydia.

Jane and Bingley, Kitty and Mary and The Rev. Collins were all present in a tale involving a fiendish plot to poison Mr Bennett by Rev. Collins to get his hands on the Bennett inheritance !

All this was set to the music and songs of Cole Porter plus an homage to Abba, ably accompanied by Jill Edwards on the piano.

The show, directed by Dot Mornington-West, involved around 30 villagers on stage, behind the scenes or helping cook the supper and staff the bar.

Lockerley’s Memorial hall was sold out for the show’s two performances on February 6 and 7 and it is estimated that at least £1,800 has been raised for the village’s “Piggy Bank” fund, which this year will support St John’s Church Lockerley, Lockerley Memorial Hall and Helping Hands In Health Education, a charity which supplies medical aid to people in rural villages of the Himalayan state.