FOUR people have been injured after a car lost control and crashed into a Morrisons shopfront.

Two pedestrians, the car driver and the passenger were taken to hospital to be treated following the incident on Market Place in Romsey.

One of the pedestrians was reported by police to have suffered serious injuries.

Emergency services cordoned off part of The Hundred soon after midday on Wednesday, July 10.

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The scene of the incident (Image: Toby Oliver)

Dave Rower, 32, store manager at Morrisons, was just feet away from the shop window when the car hit the store.

He said: "I was outside the shop stood by the doors and I heard a woman scream, turned around and saw a car go through a market stall and then by the bollard and then passed two feet past me before crashing into the front of the front of the store.

"It took me a second to realise what happened before I knew it there were people climbing all over her car and asking if I was alright."

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Mr Rower expressed disbelief that the accident happened after a series of ram-raids forced the shops closure last month.

"It's been just a week that we have been rammed by a car and the front of the store was repaired," he said "We just have to rebuild."

When asked how he was feeling after the incident, he said: "Honestly, I feel sick. I'm shaking and uneasy but just need to process what happened."

(Image: Jose Ramos)

Sue Read, 62, who had a stall named ‘Readerz Music Stall’ selling records and CDs, was at the scene.

She said: “We had our stall setup and I heard a horrendous crash and saw a car veer off, hit the [woman], she was screaming and on the bonnet, it must be going 50mph and I was chasing the car and it went straight through.

“I ran over there and was screaming that there was a woman inside the car. It later turned out that she was simply on the floor in front of the car in the store."

She added: “It was awful to see that.”

“I could see her from a distance but she was only with a broken wrist but apart from that she didn’t get any serious injuries.

“I am pretty shaky but just trying to help, I wanted to get my stall packed out so the ambulances could have as much space as they needed.”

Another witness, Yvonne Ashbolt, 76, said: "I was walking out of Specsavers when I heard a big crash and saw a car whoosh across. It sounded awful. My thoughts are with the people involved."

Suzi Shilling, from Romsey Town Council, was one of the first people on the scene.

She said: "I'd just like to thank all the businesses who rallied round to help out. It really shows the community spirit in the town."

Hampshire Constabulary issued the following statement: "Four people have been injured. This includes two female pedestrians – at this time one has suffered minor injuries and one serious. They have both been taken to hospital.

"The driver and passenger in the car, an elderly man and woman, have at this time both suffered minor injuries and have been taken to hospital."

A spokesperson for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service said: "Fire crews were called to Romsey market this lunchtime (12:08) after a car left Corn Market road and crashed into the front of a convenience store. 

"The high street remains open to pedestrians with an area around the shop cordoned off by fire for scene safety. 

"All persons accounted for an handed over to the care of South Central Ambulance and the Police are in attendance. 

"Crews from Romsey, St Mary's (2) and Redbridge (2) attended."