These are the final words from the Romsey and Southampton North candidates before residents head to the polls. 

Today, July 4, the constituency will be voting for the next MP.

The Romsey and Southampton North seat has been held by Conservative Caroline Nokes since 2010.

At the last election in 2019, she won with a majority of 10,872.

The candidates for Romsey and Southampton North are: Caroline Nokes (Conservative), Geoff Cooper (Lib Dem), Fennie Yap (Independent), Christie Lambert (Labour), Connor Shaw (Green) and Paul Barrett (Reform). 

Caroline Nokes - Conservative 

Caroline NokesCaroline Nokes (Image: Contributed)

I have worked tirelessly to respond to constituents, scrutinise the Government, support local organisations and I have been Romsey

and Southampton North’s voice in Westminster, not Westminster’s voice here.  

If the polls are to be believed there will be a Labour Prime Minister on Friday, possibly with a massive majority.  But Labour has no chance here, and I was delighted to receive the endorsement of a retired Labour Party agent who is backing me for my record of hard work.  

I am the only candidate with a proven track record across the whole constituency, who has consistently used their voice to stick up for local people, even when it has cost me my own career. 

Geoff Cooper - Liberal Democrat 

Geoff CooperGeoff Cooper (Image: Contributed)

I’m proud to belong to a party which puts ‘care’ and ‘caring’ at the heart of its agenda and equality of opportunity and fairness at the heart of its thinking. My number one task is to represent people’s views and take up the issues that matter to them, such as access to good health services, tackling the cost-of-living crisis. I am not a career politician. I have almost 20 years of real-world business experience. My work today involves problem solving and improving efficiency, skills which I look forward to using to help serve the people of Romsey and Southampton North.

Connor Shaw - Green Party

Connor ShawConnor Shaw (Image: Contributed)

Britain is broken, so why vote for the same old parties who broke it? The Green Party is the only party being honest about the need for investment and higher spending. I’m dedicated to creating a sustainable, equitable future for our community. As your Green MP, I will prioritise environmental protection, fixing public services and growing a green economy. I bring a fresh perspective and a commitment to community engagement, ensuring that your voices are heard in Parliament. Together, we can build a healthier, more prosperous country for all. Vote Green for real hope, real change and a brighter future.

Fenni Yap - Independent

Fennie YapFennie Yap (Image: Fennie Yap)

Before you cast your vote this election, ask yourself this: “Am I about to vote for a party or candidate who supports the intentional killing of over 250,000 babies a year?” A vote for me is a vote for the human right to life. While some may say that a vote for me is wasted, no vote cast in the name of justice is ever wasted. But if you vote for a party that is silent or supportive of injustice then nothing will change. Vote for a candidate who stands for the sanctity of life and the protection of the voiceless.

The Romsey Advertiser contacted Christie Lambert and Paul Barrett but they did not reply.