It’s common for my generation to feel that the cards are stacked against them.

At each election since I was old enough to vote, those under 30 have seen an outcome, in aggregate, they did not want.

From soaring house prices to insufficient mental health support, from Brexit to a lack of urgency on the climate crisis, Conservative governments have failed young people for over a decade. 

However, we must take some responsibility; too few of us vote, and therefore too few of us are heard.

For the first time in our adult lives, in Winchester, we have the opportunity to wake up to a Liberal Democrat rather than a Conservative MP on July 5 - there are no other realistic outcomes.

Locally and nationally, the Liberal Democrats advocate for a more caring, fairer country - one where the voice of our generation is listened to.

If you want change you have to vote for it, please do so. 

Tom Harland-Roberts,
Hill Rise,

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