With Labour far ahead in the polls, it's tempting to dismiss tactical voting as unnecessary, but recent polling by Best for Britain shows that one in five who say they are voting Labour also say they are only doing so tactically. For the Lib Dems it’s one in three.

Telling these people they don't need to vote tactically will eat into this lead, saving scores of Conservative MPs and potentially leaving them able to seize power again in five years' time.

The next government will need at least a decade to repair the damage inflicted on this country over the past 14 years and tactical voting can also prevent politicians like Nigel Farage and Liz Truss from securing a place in parliament to spread toxic populism.

But tactical voting only works if voters have the right information, so it’s incredibly important for people who want change in my constituency of Winchester, and in neighbouring constituencies, to research who is best placed to win. 

Websites like GetVoting.org are a good place to start.

Rachel Reeve,
Western Road,


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