A family visiting Naomi House gave a dozen roses to the owners, fulfilling an annual charity tradition on June 26.

Each year, around Midsummer's Day, Naomi House & Jacksplace present 12 red roses as symbolic rent to Naomi and David Cornelius-Reid.

This practice has been in place since before the establishment of Naomi House in 1997.

Their mother, Mary Cornelius-Reid, had suggested the tradition.

From left: Lucille Scott, Henley Parker, Ally Parker, Clara Parker, Marlowe Parker, Naomi Cornelius-Reid, David Cornelius-Reid, Erika Lipscombe and Mark Smith. (Image: Contributed)

She had allowed the hospice to be built on her Sutton Manor Estate demanding in exchange the nominal annual rent. The hospice was to be named after her daughter. The tradition continued after Mary's death in 2014.

This year, the roses were presented by Marlowe, a regular visitor to the hospice, her brother, Henley, and their mothers, Clara and Ally, following a brief address from the newly appointed director of care, Erika Lipscombe.

One of the roses given, a hand-crafted metal rose, unveiled Naomi House & Jacksplace’s fresh 'Garden of Roses' campaign.

The charity collaborated with local smith, Lucille of 'Little Duck Forge', inviting public donations in exchange for their own special rose.