I could not agree more with Helen Calder's incisive letter and meticulous calculations (Hampshire Chronicle, June 20).

I emailed Danny Chambers on this very matter. I suggested that, as he wants to build a “fairer Winchester”, why not give the money spent on the overkill of Liberal Democrats' pamphlets to some of the considerable number of the people he hopes to represent, who are struggling to make ends meet?

I made it quite clear that we did not want to receive any more pamphlets. Yet, a relentless flow of them keeps landing on our doormat, almost daily. Canute could not turn back the tide, any more than Danny seems able to arrest this gross deluge.

Or should he concentrate on cleaning up our rivers, explaining exactly how the Liberal Democrats are going to do so, and how their plans will be funded. Enough of publicity stunts.

If you want our votes, give us financially based, carefully researched answers, not unsubstantiated, Panglossian aspirations: all for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

Most sadly, that is not the world in which we currently live.


Roger Stevens,

Cliff Way,