TEST VAlley Borough Council (TVBC) is inviting residents to be part of a Citizens' Assembly which will once again consider the future of land south of the town centre and the Crosfield Hall. 

Any opportunity for the public to be involved in these important issues is to be welcomed but a group of only 36 people selected by TVBC is a far cry from the original Citizens' Assemblies. 

They originated in the ancient Greek city states where all citizens were involved in decisions. The Citizens' Assembly website advises that members should be selected at random, that they should be exposed to contrary views and that any decisions should be well informed. It is to be hoped that TVBC follows that advice, takes note of the historic roots of Citizens' Assemblies and provides opportunities for wider public participation in these important issues. 

To do otherwise will undermine the credibility of the latest round of discussions of the future of the Town Centre and Crosfield Hall.

Steve Lees,

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