The Liberal Democrat leader made his second visit to Hampshire of the general election campaign.

Sir Ed Davey pulled blocks representing Winchester and Eastleigh from the blue wall in a game of Jenga during his visit to Fair Oak. He was also pictured playing with a frisbee.

Mr Davey joined his party's candidate for Eastleigh Liz Jarvis at the Crowd Hill Farm in Fair Oak at a gathering on Tuesday, June 18. 

Speaking at the event, Mr Davey told attendees he would recruit 100 new water quality inspectors as part of a plan to clamp down on sewage-dumping water companies.

Under Mr Davey’s leadership, £10m a year will be spent to increase the number of inspectors and unannounced inspections.

The Lib Dems have previously vowed to scrap the water regulator Ofwat.

Ed DaveyEd Davey (Image: PA)

It comes after Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader, was at Southampton's port on Monday and also in Basingstoke with Theo Paphitis on Tuesday. 

Sam Joynson, Conservative candidate for Eastleigh, said: "Whilst Ed Davey came to Eastleigh to play Jenga with the Lib Dem candidate, Sam was visiting disabled residents in supported accommodation on Twyford Road run by The You Trust.

"Sam's campaign has not focused on publicity stunts, but has instead focused on listening to the concerns of thousands of residents from every corner of Eastleigh to drive his plan forward for the future. If he hasn't already, he will almost certainly be knocking on your door soon."

Eastleigh has been represented by Conservative Paul Holmes since 2019. 

As well as Liz for the Lib Dems and Sam for the Conservatives, also standing for election are Clare Lorraine Fawcett for Reform UK, Russ Kitching an Independent, Ben David Parry from the Green Party and Daniel Shearer from Labour.