Hello there, to the mighty thirteen districts that make up the Winchester constituency. 

The power of your vote likely means more today than ever it has before. 

It doesn’t matter who will be at number 10 running the country from July 5. We cannot effect it. 

One MP out of 650, you might as well vote for the MP that works just for Winchester without a party to influence or get in the way. Vote for an independent candidate like me. 

I once spoke to the upper management people at O2 about spam calls and could they stop them?

Obviously, it’s a business so they’re not going to turn down people wishing to take out a multitude of numbers to spam society. 

They can track these numbers and they could eradicate them! Why aren’t we making this law? It’s an abuse, grifting little old ladies out of their savings. 

Get me into Parliament and I will lobby for powers to stop these spam calls. That’s just one of the zillion things I want to do. Get me in the door.

If you’ve never voted before or will never vote again please do take this opportunity to join in right now.

Whatever your politics, we are at a crossroads. You can take back control of your lives starting now. 

Be responsible and make a difference and if you’re part of Winchester I’ll look after you. I promise. 

Chris Barfoot,
Church Close,
Lock’s Heath

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