A Winchester hairdressers has launched a scheme to give free haircuts to community heroes and the needy.

Haringtons, on The Square, is calling the offer Haringtons Helps.

They aim to put a smile on the face of anyone who has been finding life tough in recent times, particularly those who help the community.

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Through the scheme, Haringtons hopes to help the many workers who carry out vital work for the community, but who might not be paid for their labour. 

Haringtons in WinchesterHaringtons in Winchester (Image: Haringtons)

The company launched the scheme just after lockdown and it has proved so successful they have decided each year to renew it. 

Julie Bentley, who looks after the reception desk, told the Chronicle: "We've opened the scheme up to charity workers, volunteers - anyone who's a bit down on their luck."

Haringtons also wants help homeless people feel better about themselves.

Front of house manager, Leah Grist, said: "We're in touch with a lot of the homeless shelters. We have given a couple of haircuts to the homeless, which is quite a big boost in confidence for them."

The idea behind the scheme is to make people happier in a time when there does not seem to be much reason to be.

They wrote: "With the world providing little opportunity for positivity right now, we wanted to extend our reach and give back a little more, with the simple aim of spreading a little joy."

To nominate someone for a free hair cut, go to haringtons.com/haringtons-helps