THE death of an Eastleigh cyclist in a collision near Winchester was an “unavoidable accident”, an inquest has found.

David Davenport, 59, of Archers Road, died at Southampton General Hospital on June 16, 2021, eight days after he was struck by a car driven by Dr Natalie Robson at the junction of Woodman Lane and Sarum Road, near Farley Mount.

He died of traumatic brain injuries caused by the collision.

The inquest into his death concluded at Winchester Coroners’ Court on Wednesday, June 12.

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Area coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp said that the family impact statement provided by Mr Davenport’s family had detailed “the impact his death had on them, his friends and the wider cycling community.”

The court heard that Mr Davenport was an experienced cyclist, who had been with his friend James Martin when the incident occurred at around 2.30pm.

Winchester Coroners' CourtWinchester Coroners' Court (Image: Contributed)

According to Mr Martin, the pair had been cycling two-abreast down Woodman Lane, when they saw a car at the crossroads in Sarum Road, waiting to move off. Mr Martin said that he thought that the car driver  had seen them before it pulled out suddenly.

Mr Martin said that he was cycling on the inside of the road, and he said he was able to safely get around the back of the car “by sheer luck”.

Dr Robson said that she drove that route from home to work every day. She had told the court that she had not seen either of the cyclists, who were approaching to her right when she pulled out, and was only made aware of them when she saw Mr Martin go behind her car and heard Mr Davenport impacting her vehicle.

She got out of the car and administered CPR to Mr Davenport until paramedics could arrive.

Mrs Rhodes-Kemp read a report prepared by Hampshire police investigating the collision, which had concluded that “The collisions could not reasonably have been avoided.”

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The report stated that Mr Davenport was not wearing a helmet when the incident occurred and that he and Mr Martin were not wearing high-contrast clothing during the ride. As it was daytime, the pair were also not using lights.

It also found that the view of Woodman Lane turning right from Sarum Road was obscured by trees and signs.

PC Anthony Clifford said: “I am aware that the family have found that report difficult. I am sorry for their distress.

“I do not know why Dr Robson did not see the two cyclists. If it was for lack of high contrast clothing or lack of vision.

“While the general advice is to wear a bike helmet for protection, we will never know if this would have made a difference.”

Concluding the inquest, Mrs Rhodes-Kemp said: “My condolences to the family in this case. It has been very sad and difficult.”