When we wake up on July 5, a Labour landslide looks inevitable and Southampton will get two Labour MPs. 

Whilst many of us will welcome the change from the chaos of the last few years, there is always concern when one party is able to dominate parliament. An effective opposition is critical to hold the government to task. But where will this come from?

It will not be the Conservatives. What remains of them will embark on internal warfare over the scraps of their party. We have already had a taste of this. If they cannot agree amongst themselves then they will offer no prospect of a coherent challenge.

Indeed the strongest opposition could well come from a revitalised LibDem party working together with the Greens. They are likely to win a lot of seats in the south of England, and their manifestos show positive plans for change. 

Those of us in Winchester, Eastleigh, and Romsey and Southampton North all have a rare opportunity to make a difference. These seats all have Tory MPs where the LibDems are the clear challengers. All are very close.

 They will need as many votes as they can, tactical or otherwise, to help form the effective opposition that our country needs.

Kevin Lindley

Abbotswood Common Road