TWO GPs will open a new private practice in Alresford next week.

Chalk Stream Medical will open its doors on Tuesday June 11, providing comprehensive GP services and other treatments for all ages in Stiles Yard off West Street.

Dr Camilla Nuttall and Dr James Coutts Donald believe that there is a potential client base in the area.

“We are lucky in the private sector because we have access to a lot of stuff that an NHS GP might not have access to,” said Dr Coutts Donald. “So we can organise a quick scan or a test that you can't have in the NHS and it can all be done within a week.

“The NHS practice around here is actually very, very good. They have an amazing service. It's not like that in a lot of areas. We've had patients driving up to an hour and a half to come and see us.”

The NHS-run Alresford Surgery is currently the main GP practice in the town. But why open a private practice in Alresford if the public practice is so good?

“It’s actually quite topical isn’t it,” said Dr Nuttall, referring to the TV debate on June 4 between the prime minister and Sir Keir Starmer in which one of the key issues was healthcare.

“I believe people will do absolutely anything for their family member. People can afford dental care. I'm a big believer in preventative health care, which unfortunately the NHS can't do huge amounts because it's so costly.”

“But services like health screening can prevent a lot of cancer diagnoses by picking up things up earlier. And that's why we both thought of opening the practice.”

Dr Nuttall told the Hampshire Chronicle she strives to be "an approachable, compassionate, thorough and holistic doctor". She is highly qualified as a GP and also offers expertise in women's health, sexual health, fertility and contraception. 

Dr Coutts Donald has been a GP since 2015 and is also a trained psychiatrist.

In addition to standard GP work, Chalk Stream Medical's services include mental health, skin checks, fertility services, cancer screening, weight loss, sexual health and musculoskeletal care. 

There will also be an aesthetic centre and yoga lessons in the upstairs section of the practice. 

Prices begin at £120 for a 20-minute consultation and £165 for 30 minutes.