An author has released a book with 3D images of the Winchester and its people as they were in Roman times.

Joseph Chittenden, who has also worked as a concept designer for Lotus and Honda, used his technical expertise to bring the city – Venta Belgarum as it was then – back to life.

Roman Winchester: Exploring Winchester’s Roman Heritage includes mappings of the city as well as representations of Roman people and artefacts, all based on the archaeological dating back to more than 1,800 years ago.

Hampshire Chronicle:

It is aimed at tourists and locals who want to link the present city with the past and perhaps walk around and locate ancient sites such as the Temple of Epona.

Mr Chittenden, originally from Colchester, has published Roman Winchester as the latest edition in a series of books reimagining other important Roman settlements in Britain.

He travelled to Winchester to discover more about Roman colony, but was surprised to discover a lack of knowledge about the city’s ancient history.

Hampshire Chronicle: Joseph Chittenden

“In my research I found that Alfred the Great was very well known, but the fascinating Roman history was less well known,” said Mr Chittenden.

The rendering of the Roman town reveals it had a public bathhouse, a forum and a theatre.

It shows the evolution of the town from 70BC to 250AD, demonstrating the Romans’ ability to revise, embellish and build on their existing buildings.

The only part of Roman Winchester to survive is a fragment of the city wall on The Weirs near the Bishop on the Bridge pub.

The book is on sale online for £8.95 and can be found in book shops across the city.