A Winchester woman known as Jane the Bike has cycled over 1,000 kilometres in support of the charity Christian Aid.

Jane Hough's odyssey took her from the source of the Danube in the Black Forest along the river to Vienna.

The death of her husband, Jim, inspired Jane, 76, to undertake her first charity ride, which saw her raise over £4,000 for Christian Aid.

"I worked with my husband in developing countries to help with the infrastructure. That inspired me to do these rides, to help in my own way," Jane told the Hampshire Chronicle.

Hampshire Chronicle: Jane at the Blaubeuron. "The Danube really is blue," she said.

Jane booked her accommodation on each day of the journey for the same evening.

She said: "There weren't many problems, really. Once I got a bit lost and had to turn back seven or eight miles, but otherwise it was fine."

She used the same bicycle she has been riding for 30 years now.

"Everyone else was using electric bikes," Jane said. "And there I was on my old touring bike.

"I've done many other trips. I've cycled over the Alps, over the Pyrenees. On my first trip I cycled from Winchester to Spain."

Jane has raised £1,376 for Christian Aid so far in donations for her Danube trip. Her Just Giving page can be found here.