AN EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful estate in Hampshire was made even more stunning as a charity that helps promote artists from all walks of life displayed some of its greatest creations on its walls. 

The Grange at Northington showcased the work from Outside In, a charity that provides a platform for artists who encounter significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance, or isolation.

The event, on Wednesday, May 29, was sponsored by Paris Smith and brought together scores of people interested in supporting the artists. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Artist and ambassador for Outside In LJE with event guests

English sparkling wine The Grange, Hampshire added a touch of fizz to the proceedings and canapes were provided by Becka Cooper. Plants to decorate the house's interior were provided by Architectural Plants. 

Guests were able to wander the house and take in the art, as well as explore the grounds. They were also taken on tours of the house and theatre, which was preparing for the start of this year's Grange Festival, which opens on Thursday, June 6 and runs until Saturday, July 6.

Huw Miles, managing partner of event sponsors Paris Smith, said: "It really is my pleasure to welcome you all and I am thrilled to be here in your company." 

Hampshire Chronicle: Marc Steene, founder and director of Outside In, addresses the crowd

Marc Steene, founder and director of Outside In, said: "As a charity we work with artists who encounter significant barriers to the art world, whether that's people with mental health issues, disability, or social circumstances prevents them easily accessing the art world.

"We support people who are homeless or people who might have experienced the judicial system, or are housebound. The demographic is vast but what we strive to do is make sure these people are present in the art world. It is difficult for anybody to succeed, you all know who much an artist struggles just to make a career, but imagine if you don't have the confidence to walk through a door. Or if you cannot leave your bed." 


Charity Outside In held an exhibition at Tne Grange at Northington, sponsored by Paris Smith

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Thomas Stimpson, an artist whose work was being displayed, told the assembled guests how the charity had helped him after he left the military and struggled with mental health issues. 

He said: "It is an enormous pleasure to be here. I am eternally grateful to Outside In." 

Hampshire Chronicle: Marc Steene, founder and director of Outside In with Thomas Stimpson, artist

He presented Marc from Outside In with a portrait to say thank you, as well as Grange Festival director Michael Chance. 

Guests were encouraged to buy work from the artists, as well as a book called Outside In: Exploring the margins of art by Marc Steene. 

For more on the charity, go to or on The Grange Festival go to

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