Following the planning application (23/02738FUL) by Alfred Homes in December things have "gone quiet" but I have reason to believe that Alfred Homes intends to apply again (or to revise the existing application) with a new set of housing proposals whilst still intending to demolish the existing Victorian house which I believe to be a heritage asset.

I fear that the initial flurry of objections will have quietened and they will hope to obtain the relevant permission to proceed smoothly with their plans!

My reason for writing to you now is to highlight the fact that a very similar Victorian house, pictured below, (also in Bereweeke Road) is in the throes of being demolished at this very moment - and it is heartbreaking to witness the destruction of such a fine building.

However, in stark contrast to the Alfred Homes' application this building is owned by Peter Symonds' College and is being demolished in order to create available space to build a new prestigious Music School on the college's existing campus - having been granted planning permission in February this year.

Whilst I would undoubtedly prefer that the original house could be preserved, I am reluctantly persuaded that the new facilities - with excellent credentials for energy efficiency, roof biodiversity and heat recovery systems - will actually contribute to the public good by providing an excellent and highly valuable resource for the children and families of Hampshire.

Furthermore, it will enhance Hampshire's Educational reputation and thus continue to attract people to Hampshire. Whereas the destruction of the Alfred Homes' house will profit just a very few individuals and provide nothing to improve the neighbourhood or the built environment of this area.

My point is that we all need to look beyond the design and character of a planning application to the underlying purpose and objectives when we consider the irreversible demolition of part of our city's history.

Joss Goulder,

Bereweeke Road,



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