A woman hurled abuse and spat at officers after crashing her car through a fence - asking them if they’d kidnap her “like Sarah Everard”.

Annabel Lewis fired insults at arresting officers after she crashed a silver Volkswagen Polo on a residential street.

Southampton Crown Court heard how residents were awoken in the early hours of the morning on August 31 when Lewis drove into a garden.

She told onlookers that she had crashed to avoid a deer or a badger, but she was seen to be slurring her words and a bottle of Baileys was found in her vehicle.

Police attended but then the 34-year-old began hurling abuse at officers, swearing at them, and saying: “Please don’t murder me officer” asking them if they would “kidnap me like Sarah Everard”.

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Lewis had 101 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath in a roadsite test - nearly three times the 35 limit.

During the abuse she shouted “Allah” repeatedly, told an officer they looked like a rapist and began to threaten them with physical violence.

She was restrained and placed in a car but then began kicking out, catching two officers on the chest before being placed in restraints and left to calm down.

But despite being left alone, she later continued with the abuse, kicking an officer “hard enough to force him to take a backward step”, according to prosecutor Grave McConnell.

Lewis was taken from the scene of the incident on Romsey Road in Lockerley to Southampton Central Police Station where she spat at another officer.

She also threw her shoe and an ankle bracelet at officers during a search.

She later pleaded guilty to five charges of assaulting an emergency worker and three charges of causing racially aggravated, intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

Ms McConell told the court this was a “sustained incident” with “distress being caused to a number of police officers present”.

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Lewis, of Glebe Meadow, East Dean, has 17 previous convictions for 37 offences but has not offended since 2012 prior to this incident.

Mitigating, Stephen Tricker said his client felt she was being wrongly accused of drink driving.

“She is adamant she had not been drinking prior to the collision," he said.

“She clearly didn’t enjoy the best of upbringings herself. She does suffer from mental health difficulties.”

He added that there “can be no justification for the way she treated those officers” but that she has “demonstrated that she can keep out of trouble.”

But Judge Peter Henry said: “You have got an appalling record. You obviously have an inbuilt dislike of the police.

“Even if you do suffer from mental health issues that is no justification for what happened.”

He referred to the incident as “very unpleasant” but said he would not make a decision on if she was drunk or not at the time.

Lewis received an eight-month sentence suspended for two years with 25 rehabilitation days and 150 hours of unpaid work.

She was ordered to pay £550 in compensation.