Police officers have been left 'speechless' after finding a lorry being illegally towed on the back of a flatbed truck.

The lorry was left dangerously hanging off the back of the flatbed with its front two wheels dragging across the road.

Police said the vehicle had travelled from Ringwood to Eastleigh and after officers pulled the driver over, the truck was unloaded. 

Writing on the Hampshire Roads Policing Unit account on X, formerly known as Twitter, one officer said: "This evening we were left speechless when we came across this shocking attempt at recovery.

"The driver had driven from Ringwood to Eastleigh on the A31 & M27!

"Needless to say, the truck was unloaded & the driver issued with prosecution paperwork." 

Those who saw the post from the Hampshire Roads Policing Unit were equally as shocked, with many offering their thoughts in the comments.

One user commented: "That’s got to be one of the worst ever. Great stop guys [Policing Unit], you may well have saved a serious accident."

Another X user added: "Why on earth did they think that was perfectly ok?"