Weeke Primary School in collaboration with PG Wells bookstore and Walker Publishers hosted a visit from renowned children's book author Jennifer Bell.

Jennifer, known for her "Uncommoners" series and Wonderscape, introduced her latest book, 'Magicalia', to the pupils, a whimsical adventure set within a world of meteorites and unique creatures.

During the presentation, Jennifer intrigued the children as she explained her 'magicore' characters, rare beasts brought to life by different sentiments, each bearing distinct powers.

The author's passionate discussion and extensive Q&A further impelled the children's interest in literature and creativity.

Subsequently, a book signing provided eager pupils the opportunity to acquire signed copies of 'Magicalia'.

The English Key Stage 2 leader, Mrs Rachel Towle, expressed delight, stating that Weeke Primary School is committed to fostering a love for language and reading in its pupils.

She further propounded that children at Weeke ought to have unrivalled access to motivating and exciting books.