I am really looking forward to an event at Southampton University later this week, discussing misogyny in the music industry, after the work my select committee has done on misogyny over the last year.  

Sometimes I get asked if the work we do has real impact, but the engagement we have seen with female musicians over the past 12 months, and the bravery they have shown in speaking out, really did demonstrate that we gave them a channel they could use to make sure their voices were heard.

We have been debating the Criminal Justice Bill this week, and if ever evidence was needed that raising an issue via an amendment can have an impact, we certainly saw it in action this week. Whilst I did not push my amendment around revenge porn to a vote, that was because I did not need to, with repeated ministerial assurances that the changes my committee were calling for would be achieved via secondary legislation.  I will be holding those Ministers to their commitments, but my nearish neighbour, Laura Farris from Newbury, is a class act and I can see her as a future leader of the Party. That's a bold claim I may live to regret!

Last weekend we celebrated the life and achievements of Florence Nightingale at the annual service in Wellow.  I missed the event in Westminster Abbey sadly, as I was still in the House voting until moments before the service started.  I still hate being late for things and did not want to saunter in late.  

This Sunday is RomDag's family dementia information day at the Crosfield Hall. The Alzheimer's Society had a drop in event on Wednesday to highlight Dementia Action Week. I can remember Romsey being designated a dementia friendly town many years ago, and personally doing my dementia friend training alongside the whole of Theresa May's Cabinet. It is a cruel condition and I have lost far too many friends to dementia, I know how their loved ones need supporting as they often carry the greatest amount of caring responsibilities. So if you have time on Sunday do pop in to the Crosfield Hall to catch up with the wonderful services and organisations represented.

Rt Hon Caroline Nokes MP
Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee