MEON Valley MP Flick Drummond has signed an open letter asking the Prime Minister to tackle the import of unsafe e-bikes and to improve regulations.

The popularity of e-bikes has risen but there are issues, the MP was told at a Westminster event organised by Brompton Bicycles and the charity Electrical Safety First (ESF).

Emergency service figures released in March revealed there were 11 deaths in the UK last year in fires caused by e-bikes.

The bikes are also becoming more powerful due to conversion kits – meaning they can travel at over 15mph without pedalling at all.

There are concerns about the Government’s recent proposals on changes to e-bike regulation which could pose a further public safety risk and reduce the appeal of e-bikes to consumers.

Hampshire Chronicle: Flick Drummond talking with a representativeFlick Drummond talking with a representative (Image: Flick Drummond MP)

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The proposed regulation changes could also increase the fire risk posed by unregulated e-bikes and e-bike conversion kits, Brompton and ESF said.

Both want to see improved standards for conversion kits and charging systems, as well as mandatory markings on lithium batteries to better inform households they are not suitable to be disposed of in the general waste.

Mrs Drummond said: “I am concerned about more powerful e-bikes on our roads and the fire risk they pose. E-bikes travelling at more than 15 mph is a danger to pedestrians and other road users and does somewhat eradicate any health benefit from cycling – something I would not like to see as a keen cyclist myself who uses only pedal power.

“We also need to see that e-bikes are as safe as possible from fire risk. I urge the PM to look again at any changes to regulations that might jeopardise standards and to halt the increasing power of the bikes.”