AN Alresford man has accused Hampshire County Council of “fleecing the motorist” after a parking charge was overturned.

Guy Wikeley, 61, of Bighton, challenged the parking notice after his wife, Jill, received a fine of £35 for parking her car in a disabled bay in Broad Street, Alresford.

Since his battle the council has suspended enforcement of the bay.

The retired police officer said that Mrs Wikeley has a long history working with the Spinal Injuries Association after one of her friends was injured and would not have parked in the bay if it was properly marked.

Mr Wikeley told the Chronicle that the only reason his wife had parked there was due to unreadable road markings and signage informing motorists that the bay is for blue badge holders.

Hampshire Chronicle: Mr Wikeley said that the disabled parking road marking had been worn downMr Wikeley said that the disabled parking road marking had been worn down (Image: Guy Wikeley)

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He said: “My wife would never park in a disabled bay if it were properly marked, and that particular bay is not properly marked.

“HCC has not bothered to maintain the bay, and their signs are too low. They are legally obliged to put the signs a minimum of 900mm to 1,500mm above the adjacent road surface, and if you go in Broad Street there are many of the signs which are so low because it is convenient to put them on the railings.

“The traffic manual says they should not go on the railing, they should be at a height of 900mm.

“It is quite clear that HCC has not bothered adhering to the manual, to comply to the signs or maintain the road markings. And having asked HCC under the Freedom of Information how many times the Civilian Enforcement Officers have submitted documents in the last six months, they have said none, as they don’t collect that.

Mr Wikeley said that he had gone and measured the height of the sign, saying that several of the disabled parking bays in Alresford are indicated by signs as low as 650mm above the road surface.

While the Wikeleys were able to get the fine overturned, Mr Wikeley has still been left bitter about the experience.

Hampshire Chronicle: Several parking signs on Broad Street are attached to railings which are around treesSeveral parking signs on Broad Street are attached to railings which are around trees (Image: Guy Wikeley)

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He continued: “The issue is HCC is strategically not bothering to comply with the requirements of the traffic manuals and are fleecing the motorist because of their inability and disregard.”

Mr Wikeley said he would like to see the county council comply with the regulations for disabled signs laid out in the Traffic Manual, ensuring road markings for disabled bays are maintained and signs put at the correct height.

He said: “Enforcement is important, they should be enforcing but they should be doing it in compliance with law and requirements of the traffic manual.”

A Hampshire County Council spokesperson said: “Our traffic management teams are carrying out a review of the parking signage, in the meantime parking enforcement for the bays in question has been suspended.”