The new parking measures are a catastrophe.

Firstly, the digitisation of the scheme has disenfranchised and discriminated against a whole sway of people who do not or cannot afford, access to online or smartphones. 

This also includes budgeting for the price rises which do not appear to be published unless you 'go on the app'.

Secondly, by not displaying permits there is no means to gauge whether cars are parked with permission or not.

Despite the reported increase in wardens, (or enforcement officers as they are now called) in some areas - namely around the station - others haven't seen a glimpse of one for months. 

This is encouraging people to flout the restrictions in certain areas. Especially, those near the university, or hospital.

This scheme was originally introduced under the guise of bringing benefits to residents. 

In its present incarnation nobody is seeming to be gaining.

M Smith,
Christchurch Road,
St Cross,

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