Hampshire author Dawn Nelson recorded a year of diverse sunrises from Hambledon, noticing wildlife and watching the changing seasons.

In her mission to reconnect people with the landscape, heritage and nature, she challenged herself to witness the new day dawn, once a month, for twelve months.

Documenting the changing colours and temperatures, she chronicled everything from a dark, frosty winter sunrise to an extremely early one in June.

Seeing everything from a roe buck to a pair of tawny owls, she observed their lives unfurl under a range of skies, from a deep midwinter sunrise to a lilac-tinged dawn overfly by migratory gulls.

She allows us to engage with the South Downs environment, shining a light on these overlooked, early hours.

For those wanting to experience a sunrise this summer, she advises choosing a spot about half an hour before the expected rise at 4.30am in June.

Watching the sun catch the horizon can create awe-inspiring sights akin to Italian renaissance chapel ceilings.

Good vantage points in Hampshire include Old Winchester Hill, Butser Hill, Portsdown, and the renowned Watership Down.

Those less inclined to early rises can stay cosy and read her book ‘Stories Of The Sun’. More of her work can be found at www.ddstoryteller.co.uk.