A new driver was left shaken up after an eight-inch deep pothole left her stranded on a country road.

Suzanne Onslow, 18, was driving along Burnetts Lane when her Corsa plunged into the deceptively deep hole.

The sales assistant from Fair Oak was left stranded on the side of the road with a smoking engine – with no one to help her and passing motorists telling her she couldn't park there.

Suzanne, who passed her driving test in December, said the incident has knocked her confidence.

Hampshire Chronicle: New driver Suzanne Onslow was left shaken up after her Corsa, pictured,  got stuck in a '8 inch'

She said: “There was a van driving in the middle of Burnetts Lane and the driver would not budge over so I could pass the pothole.

“I was wary of it but because it looked like a puddle, I only thought it was a dip in the road.

“I drove forward and landed in the pothole and my car tilted on its left side."

She said that her wheels were off the ground and because of that she initially did not want to get out of the car.

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Regaining some composure, Suzanne called a mechanic who advised her to slowly exit the vehicle and open her bonnet.

After carefully climbing out of her car, she waited for the mechanic to arrive – but was offered no help from passers-by.

“People were driving past and telling me I couldn’t park there”, she said.

“It was quite scary being there on my own as I was near the bend on a 40mph road.”

One hour since becoming stuck in the pothole, a female driver came to Suzanne’s rescue.

Selena Bishop was passing the scene on May 2 when she saw Suzanne stranded.

Thinking she had broken down, Selena reversed and offered to help.

Hampshire Chronicle:

Selena said: “I suggested she start taking photos and measurements just in case she needed to make a claim.

“I was astounded when we measured the deepest part of the pothole was eight inches.

“Shortly after, a very helpful gentleman driving past offered his help too and even went home to get his shovel and some timber to see he could dig her out.

“Feeling I couldn't physically help, I made a call to the Hampshire County Council highways team to report this pothole, saying that even if they were able to get Suzanne out, someone else, especially in the dark, would definitely do it again.”

Over three hours later – thanks to the help of passers-by and the mechanic – Suzanne’s car was freed from the gaping hole.

The only reminder of the ordeal are underside scratches on the car, but this means Suzanne is unable to make a claim against the council.

She said: “The council needs to sort the roads out more efficiently.

“There are plenty of new drivers who are nervous about going out and big potholes like this do not make it any easier.

“I am fine driving now, but it does knock your confidence.”

Hampshire County Council has been contacted for a comment.