SCORES OF old buses trundled around Winchester and surrounding villages on the Friends of King Alfred Buses (FoKAB) running day. 

More than 40 vehicles were involved on Bank Holiday Monday, May 6 with free rides in and around the city. 

Punters were able to board in The Broadway. Buses ranged from 95 years old to the most recent one from 2002.

FoKAB chairman James Freeman introduced a newly-restored Leyland Titan. He said: “Here we are in 2024 and we are celebrating the return to service of this vehicle. It is from 1950 and we decided we would take two rotten old buses in 1990 and turn them into one lovely King Alfred bus. It has taken us 34 years and we have just completed it.”


Amazing sight in Winchester with the King Alfred buses

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Richard Chisnell, grandson of Robert Chisnell who founded the Kind Alfred Buses, said: “There are so many vehicles here, it is a humbling event to be attending. It's amazing what James and his fellow trustees have achieved over the years. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for keeping these lovely old vehicles on the road.”

Dave Fulford, from Stanmore, was driving the number 7 bus to Sparsholt. He was one of three generations of his family at the bus day. His daughter Jennifer, seven, and dad Graham were also onboard. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Dave Fulford

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Dave said: “I was born into it. My dad Graham was the chairman. It’s great fun and it brings everyone together. Everyone smiles and waves as we are going along. It is a lovely day.” 

Peter and Cheryl Jennings, from Highcliffe, were also enjoying the day. Peter, whose first job was as a bus conductor, said it brought back great memories. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Peter and Cheryl Jennings

He said: “It is always interesting and somewhat nostalgic to see the buses that one remembers from when one was young.” 

Friends Cathy Craig and Susie Stubbs, who met at a previous King Alfred Bus Running Day, had their high vis on and were helping to direct passengers. Both of their husbands are involved with the buses - and a strange coincidence meant they also live near each other in Torbay. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Cathy Craig and Susie Stubbs

Cathy said: “Both our husbands are either driving or conducting. It’s a wonderful day, people are so enthusiastic to see the buses.” 

Peter Osborn had come from Godalming to drive one of the buses. He said the day was a highlight of his year. 

Hampshire Chronicle: Peter Osborn

He said: “The weather is not as bad as it could have been, the buses are all here and carrying lots of passengers which is great. It’s such an important day for Winchester. It’s great to be part of it.” 

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